About us

The T&F Plast s.r.o. company was set up on the basis of our 22 years long practical experience and hard work in the field of plastic production – plastic injection, plastic extrusion plastic thermoforming and blow moulding.

Based on our experience and positive results of our work in this field of industry and many years of working for plastics foreign companies in Slovakia, we have decided, with the consideration, with faith in our own abilities, contacts and professional overview in this field in the production to launch our own injection moulding company and offer further services related to this type of production. 

For our clients we offer experience in the field of electro technical plastics, lighting technology and medical production. Their success means success for us too. Our company slogan “We think for you in advance” represents and emphasizes the greatest asset that a manufacturer / supplier can provide its clients.  The aim of the T&F Plast s.r.o. is to provide its customers the highest possible quality of plastic products, meeting the deadlines required by the customer and   prices acceptable to both of us.

We are interested in supporting you in all areas within our reach. We offer years of experience - from drawing customer's idea in paper, through technical solutions, mould making to mass production. Our greatest experience is concerning these materials: PMMA, PC, PS, PE, PP, and PA.

We are professionals in the field of lighting technology. However at the same time we are able and willing to produce the components for the automotive industry. Currently, we are closely cooperating to launch the new projects for the Jaguar Land Rover, where our technical department is transferring its knowledge and skills, but also gaining further experience together with relating cooperation with the other companies from the same field.

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