Servicing peripherals and technologies

  • Do you have older injection moulding machines, extruders or other plastic processing machines, peripherals or technologies?
  • Are they often spoiled or are they put out of the operation?
  • Are you running out of production, so you cannot be productive?
  • Is there no support for these devices?
  • Is service more expensive than the residual value of the equipment?

Do not worry. It does not have to be ready for the scrap heap.   

Our experienced team of electricians and mechanics has been dealing with such cases for years and we have been able to maintain the equipment's viability, even in old age. Please inform us before you decide to discard the device. We will advise you and if there is a solution, we will definitely find it. We offer you the opportunity to save unpredictable investments in the form of a new injection moulding machine, robot, dryer, temperature control unit, external mould heating controllers and so on.

Would you like to learn more?

Contact us and we will find an ideal solution for you.