Technical support

Production of plastic products by any kind of technology is a complex process and has its limits. If you are in doubt about a new or already running project, or you need an advice and at the same time to find out if it is not possible to produce more economically (e.g. waste reduction during the production), or if you are not satisfied with the production process, contact us.

We are ready to come, evaluate, advise, find out the appropriate solution and launch the production.

Our expert team goes through the entire process of your production, beginning by machine condition diagnostics, peripherals and technology through all the steps of the process and work out the optimization of the production process. Thanks to this strategy, you will have the widest process window in the shortest cycle time. We will help you with the stabilization of the production process, forms and procedures. 

Even if optimizing the production process preceding the mass production may seem time-consuming and expensive, it finally saves time for your machines, tools and technologies, as well as hours spent on the press re-ordering and fine-tuning the process, actually human resources. Moreover time means money, which is lost mainly when the new project is not launched properly.

Samples produced in an hour or two that the process engineer probably placed somewhere in the corner of the process window may later, at the smallest deviation in parameters and serial production, move your process to the production of NOK pieces. In this case, you may be endangered to lose your earnings. Moreover, you may lose your time and possibly your customer's trust.

Precise, high-quality and efficient production process preparation at an early stage of the project is highly valuable because it presents your identity. From the perspective of every customer, identity and mutual trust are essential. We offer a symbiosis due to which we will achieve our goal.

Contact us and we will provide you our know-how and experience to help you set up a stable production process. If necessary, we are ready and glad to help with the modification of moulds.

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